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Study Guide Samson
and His Women

Greetings in the name of Christ our Lord! The questions in this guide are designed for your growth and development. It can be used individually or in a group discussion. It would be helpful if in a group setting that each participant would introduce themselves and state what outcomes they desire from the collaboration. If group discussion is the desired format, let me strongly recommend at least two facilitators that will rotate throughout the discussions, within your small group community of faith. This will assure a broader view of the topics covered.

Never let any one person dominate the discussion, but respect each participant and be sensitive to the Holy Spirt at work in the lives of each person. It is my hope that your journey as well as your pilgrimage of love and faith will be an adventure that is transformative, enlightening as well as unforgettable.

All in His Name,
Robert E. Kimble, D.D.

Chapter One Here Comes the Judge

  • What is your biggest struggle in a relationship? What will you need to do to be successful in a new or present relationship?
  • Who was Samson’s father? Describe his attitude toward marriage.
  • What defects show up in the life of Samson’s father?
  • What was a Nazarite vow? Why was this vow necessary or was it? Explain and defend your answer.
  • What is a Christophany? Give an example.

Chapter Two Samson’s Girlfriend #1

  • Why did Samson want girlfriend #1 so badly?
  • List at least three things you can’t have but want so badly. Why?
  • What does it mean to be angry and sin not? Eph 4:26
  • Is anger ever necessary. Explain. Evaluate how Samson’s anger problem affected his relationships?
  • Why did God prohibit Israel from marrying foreigners? Was it racial or spiritual? Defend your answer.
  • Is there such a thing as love at first sight or is it lust? Explain.

Chapter Three Samson’s Girlfriend #2

  • What do you most admire about Samson? What do you despise?
  • List three things you do consistently to say focused.

Chapter Four Delilah’s Sleeping Beauty Salon

  • Read Judges 16: 4-6. What is the contemporary Gaza that people visit today that can ruin lives and relationships? Example: Bar
  • What is the present situation on the Gaza Strip today?
  • Who was Delilah? What made her so attractive to Samson? Why does the bible point out that Samson was in love with Delilah over all of his other lovers?
  • What steps should be taken when the one you love does not love you in return?
  • Why does the money factor have such a strong bearing on the success or failure of a marriage or relationship?
  • Do you have a price for love and happiness? What things are not for sale in your life? Where did those standards come from?
  • Describe the time you were deceived. Did you contribute to the deception in anyway? Why or why not? Explain.

Chapter Five The Undercover Agent: The Jezebel Spirit

  • What is a Jezebel spirit?
  • Describe this spirit. How can it be overcome?
  • How does the Jezebel spirit show insecurity?
  • Discuss each piece of the Whole Armor of God. How can this be a protective covering for against the Jezebel spirit? (Ephesians 6:11-16)

Chapter Six The Autopsy of Samson and His Women

  • Why are autopsies done? If you have been in relationships that failed. Why did they fail? What do the forensics reveal?
  • Describe the negative aspects of pride, envy, lust, anger, and greed in all human relationships.
  • Why should we keep the door of our lips? Psalm 141: 3
  • In marriage an argument can get out of control. Do you have a tongue disease? What steps are necessary for its cure?

Chapter Seven Finding Love in the Electronic Age

  • What is your view on online dating? Rate your Communication skills from (1-10) 10 being the best. Why did you rate yourself at this level?
  • How is the internet a blessing and a curse?
  • Do you abuse social media? In what ways has it helped society as well as hurt society.
  • What is your preference, texting, or human interaction? Explain why.
  • Why was the internet created? Would we be better off without it? Defend your answer.

Chapter Eight Real Talk: Pornography Is it the Secret Sauce?

  • What exactly is pornography?
  • Who do you think watches the most porn men or women? (Google the answer and reflect.) Why do you think so?
  • What is an unmet need? List three unmet needs that you have. Why are they unmet at this moment? Reflect.
  • What effect does porn have on the brain according to research?
  • How does dopamine work in the mind?
  • Describe the six types of love languages.
  • Why is good sex and physical attraction not the only barometer for a satisfying relationship.
  • Briefly explain 1 John 4:8

Chapter Nine   Marriage: The Dinosaur of the Last Frontier

  • Do you think marriage is becoming a thing of the past? Why do you think this a trending phenomenon?
  • Describe your ideal wedding. What would it look like?
  • Why is the Lord’s Supper inappropriate in a wedding according to the authors biblical view? Do you agree? Defend your answer.
  • What reason did Willoughby’s findings reveal was the cause of couples delay in getting married?
  • How long do marriages last in the United States?
  • Describe your attitude concerning marriage? Is it a dream or a drudge?

Chapter Ten The Fruit Basket Every Home Needs

  • What are the (9) Fruit of the spirit? How are they obtained?
  • What does it mean to live a balanced life? Refer to the diagram in chapter ten.
  • How do horizontal and vertical relationships differ?
  • Which fruit is missing in your life. What hinders its Development? (Gal 5:22-23)

Chapter Eleven  Becoming A Five Star Spouse

  • What does a 1-star spouse look like?
  • What does a 5-star spouse look like?
  • How do you stack up with the stars?
  • If you could order a custom-made spouse from the factory, describe at least(3) things that would make you happy and totally mesmerized.

Chapter Twelve   He That Findeth a Wife

  • List the (9) Bible Keys to discover the ideal mate.
  • What keys have you skipped already? How can you correct? Will it make a difference?
  • Identify the couple that has a model marriage. What lessons can you learn from their marriage?

Chapter Thirteen   To  Be or Not to Be

  • Watch “Why Did I Get Married.” What couple do you identify with the most and why. What couple do you hate the most and why?
  • What baggage are you bringing into your new as well as old relationship or marriage?
  • List the Six purposes of marriage.
  • What are the two main reasons for marriage according to the author. Fill in the blank Pro_________tion and Rec________tion!

Chapter Fourteen There Is a Silver Lining

  • Write a brief refection of what you gleaned from this resource. What are your plans for better outcomes?